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Interior Paint

2012 Interior Paint Combinations

There’s no rule that says you have to pick one color for a room. Home décor specialists and professional painters know this. If  you’re ready to really change the mood in a room, consider picking an array of  colors for walls, accent features, and the ceiling. Several leading paint manufacturers are showcasing this ongoing trend in 2012 with exciting new combinations as pictured in Paint Color Combinations.

2012 Bedroom Paint Colors

After a long, busy day, your bedroom should serve as a calming place to unwind in, a retreat. Make sure that bedding is soft and inviting, and if you have a TV in this room, you can hide it behind cabinet doors at night. If you’re planning on painting your bedroom this year, look for calming paint colors that create a relaxing atmosphere. There are plenty of hues that will do just that in Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2012.

Interior Color Paint Trends for 2012

2012 Interior Paint ColorsPaint can serve as a neutral background for bold wall pieces and smaller decorative accessories. It can also transform a room from drab to dramatic . Whatever its use, 2012 brings a variety of exciting new options in interior paint. We have broken down down the new colors from leading paint companies into three major trends. Bright & Urban, Warm & Earthy, and Rich and Tasty. Read more about them in 2012 Interior Paint Colors and Trends.

Ideas for Painting Kids’ Rooms

The key to creating the ultimate children’s hangout is to figure out favorite themes and colors that they are excited about. Involve them in the planning process to get their ideas on what they’d like to have in the room. Choose easy-to-clean surfaces, multi-use furniture, and long-lasting, durable interior paint color schemes that will still be appropriate as your children grow. Look for more tips in Painting Ideas for Kids’ Bedrooms – Great Choices for Girls and Boys and Paint Ideas for Boys Rooms.

Faux Painting Ideas and Techniques

Interior walls are not just being painted with a flat coat of paint; lots of homeowners have added decorative painting techniques into their design plans with amazing results.

Popular techniques often include: ragging, sponging, marbleizing, aging, and Venetian plastering. Figuring out which technique will best complement your room will definitely require both research and homework. The descriptions of techniques included in this post will get you started: Faux Painting Techniques and Styles.

Spicing Up Interior Accent Trim

When you walk into a room—like the master bedroom, a bath, even your sprawling closet — and you don’t notice it anymore, it might be time to make a change. The colors that used to improve your mood have staled and seem lifeless. It’s time to do something about it, but what? You’ll be surprised at the lift you can get by just adding a splash of color to the accent trim. You can transform your room by painting door and window trim, chair rails, ceiling molding, baseboards, wainscots, and wallpaper borders as illustrated in: Spice Up Your Interior Accent Trim.

Color Visualizers

Paint apps and online tools make choosing a color for your walls easier than ever. Behr, Sherwin-Williams, and Benjamin Moore all offer tools to help you pick paint colors and are easy to use: Color Visualizers | Useful Online Tools & Apps for Paint Color Selection.

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