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2012 Paint Colors | A Summary of the Top Paint Color Trends

For 2013 Color Trends, click here.

2012 Interior Color Paint Trends

2012 Interior Paint ColorsPaint can transform a room from drab to dramatic. Or it can serve as a neutral backdrop for statement wall pieces and smaller décor accessories. Whatever its purpose, 2012 brings a variety of options in interior paint. We have broken down down the trends from the from leading paint companies into three major trends. Warm & Earthy, Bright & Urban and Rich and Tasty. Read more about 2012 Interior Color Paint Trends.

Exterior Paint Trends

Painting the exterior of your home is a major investment. There is no quick and simple fix, like picking the wrong color for a bedroom. ProTect Painters has some great ideas to help you decide which colors will work best on the outside, paint manufacturers make suggestions for different types of architecture. The following color palettes are proving popular in 2012 Exterior Paint Colors.

Exterior Paint Color Schemes

Choosing exterior paint colors proves overwhelming for most homeowners. After all, it’s a major decision not easily undone. Follow this simple seven-step process and you’ll be on your way to major curb appeal:

  1. Download or launch one of the many color viewers available online.
  2. Take a digital photo of the front of your home.
  3. Identify the three main areas of your home.
  4. Keeping in mind the architectural style of your home, use the program to choose a body color that blends with the color of your roof, trim color that complements the body and an accent color that complements the trim.
  5. Save and print out five favorite color schemes to take to the paint store.
  6. Buy quart samples of two color schemes and apply to your home.
  7. Decide on a color scheme and hire professional painters.

For more in-depth info on these steps, check out Exterior Paint Color Schemes | Create Fantastic Exterior Color Combinations.

Paint Colors for Bedrooms 2012

Your bedroom serves as a retreat to unwind after a long, busy day. Our list of soft and inviting colors will create a relaxing atmosphere for your bedroom in 2012.

Paint Color Combinations

If you’re in the mood to change up a room, or several, consider choosing multiple colors for walls and accent features. We dive into how to use Color Blocks, Vertical Stripes and Multi-Colored Accent Features in this post on Paint Color Combinations.

Color Trend Articles

Want to get more info directly from the source? Below are links to color trend information from the leading companies.

Video – Behr Color Trends

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